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School antics

So I haven't experienced any really amazing fuckery moments in class this semester, aside from the entirety of British Literature sucking, but I just opened up this gem.

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Sep. 28th, 2010

I don't know what the fuck took me so long, but I'm finally, finally at the point where I want to move out. Not 'cause anyone's pissing me off or anything, but I finally feel like I can do it. Before I was always scared I wouldn't be able to manage if I was by myself.. But now I feel like I can do it. I want to grow up now. I want to get my license, I want a car, I want to work, I want to move out.

Unfortunately, actually putting that into action is something else entirely..


I met Steven Adler! Oh god it was so great.

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What the fuck is wrong with me. There was no reason to get upset, but I did. I'm miserable again and like always, I have no one to blame but myself. I'm always at fault for the things that upset me. I create problems that aren't there because I'm scared I'll be abandoned again. And in the end, it's probably that behavior that will lead to me being left alone.

The If Game

If I was a celebrity... I'd never say a word. So many of them have diarrhea of the mouth with all kinds of bullshit spewing out. If I spoke, I know bullshit would come spewing out of mine, too.

You know what's really fun?

Finding an excuse to browse Sims 2 downloads and then play Sims 2 for school. I have to write a 'character study' on a character I came up with. My excuse for playing Sims 2 is to flesh him out in CAS to get a feel for his looks and personality. So I'm playing Sims 2 for school! HA!

I left a review on Amazon for one of my textbooks. I never have before because I could never really find anything to complain about. They're textbooks, they're not supposed to be interesting, but sooner or later I do find something I enjoy about them. Except for one of my books for Creative writing. It.. It's so.. in my review I described it as the book Satan reads to the inhabitants of Hell as a bedtime story, and I left tag suggestions like 'torture', 'agony' and 'sadism'. It's that bad.

Classroom Antics

On Saturday half of the class gave their article presentations, per our assignment. One woman's article was about the different views on breastfeeding in Mongolia. Apparently they breastfeed extensively there. But at the end of the article when it was question time I asked my classmate if she had children, and how long did they breastfeed. She told me she has a 14 month old, and a 3 1/2 year old, both who breastfeed. I was in such awe. I think that's so wonderful that she still breastfeeds, damn what anyone else thinks. I know there must be people who see her with a 3 1/2 year old suckling away and they're so horrified because OMG BOOBS, but god, it's not like her 3 year old thinks of them in a sexual way. That's where food comes from! That's all they are to a toddler. I want to do that when I pop out kids. I don't know when I'll stop, but I don't want to stop just because other people think a 1 or 2 year old is too old to breastfeed. Of course none of this is etched in stone until I actually have kids, but this is what I would like to do.

Weird and proud of it!

In Creative Writing, we had to talk about some random thought we had during the week. The assignment was more or less to fess up if we had thoughts of robbing a bank or if we wondered if the planet would get hit by an asteroid. The bonus was that three students would get "Weird and Proud of It" extra points for having the most readable, entertaining ideas.

I got extra points~

This is what I said:

"It's actually a series of thoughts I entertain whenever I forget to take the trash out when the sun is out. When it's dark out, everything automatically turns spooky. I take the trash out through the garage, which doesn't bother me during the day. But when it's night, I'm afraid there's going to be a chupacabra in the garage, and it's going to launch itself at me. It's specifically a chubacabra that I'm afraid will be in the garage. Not a mean dog or anything else.

Once I've gotten out of the way of the chupacabra, I have to walk down the driveway, between the two minivans parked there. My fear of the driveway is that there is a maniac with a knife hiding under the minivan to my right. When I pass between the vehicles, I'm scared he will reach out with his knife and slice my Achilles tendon. I have to run between the vans, then run back between them to get back into the garage, then run to get away from the chupacabra.

That's why I take the trash out when the sun is up.

Another odd recurring thought/fear I have involves nights where everything is covered in snow so that the moonlight reflects off it and makes everything glow. In this fear/thought, I'm scared that when I look out into the backyard with the porch lights off, I will see a Bigfoot with glowing eyes passing through the yard. He won't be doing anything, just passing by. And yet I'm scared I will see that when I look out. And on any given night I hate looking out dark windows for fear someone will be in the yard and they'll smack themselves against the window.

They're all really oddly specific. With the knife-wielding maniac, for instance, I'm afraid he'll be under only one minivan. I never suspect the other van. And the Bigfoot has glowing eyes. I was once asked if I'd still be scared if I saw a Bigfoot without glowing eyes, but I don't know. I'm afraid of the glowing eyes Bigfoot, I can't say I'd feel the same about a non-glowing eyes Bigfoot."

Tru fax. I'm so fucking happy I got "Weird and Proud of It" points. xD


Doing Metric conversions in math today. They're basic, yeah, but I'm having absolutely zero trouble with it. Metric agrees with me, I guess.

Now that I've said it's easy I'm gonna bomb in the next section.
Had another baking fuck-up. I was making zucchini-carrot muffins and forgot to add the baking soda, and didn't realize that carrots aren't as wet as zucchini, so there wasn't enough moisture in the batter. The first batch was already in the oven by the time I realized I forgot the baking soda, but they weren't cooked yet, so I pulled them out, scraped the batter into the bowl, added baking soda, and put them back in. They came out chewy with the unmistakable taste of baking soda tainting them. Some bites were particularly strong. I don't really want to eat any of the muffins.

And in lieu of whining about my life and where it's going and etc.: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck god fucking dammit..

I wish that had helped.